The Sidney Prize

The sidney prize is an acclaimed award that is given to those who are dedicated toward realizing their dreams. Besides providing financial assistance and prestige, this prestigious prize also serves as an inspiration to others to pursue their goals. The award is bestowed to a variety of categories, including science, writing, and the arts. Several organizations host this competition, each with their own criteria for selection.

For example, the physics prize is awarded to physicists for their work connecting art, the media, and literature to science. The winner of this prize receives a cash award and a commemorative plaque. The 2023 winner of this prize was a writer named Sidney Perkowitz, who works to connect the humanities and sciences through a number of mediums. This includes a number of books, essays, and public lectures.

Another prize is the Andrew Gemant Prize, which honors those who are committed to bridging science and the arts. It is awarded by the American Institute of Physics (AIP). The prize selection committee recognizes a scientist who has made a significant contribution to connecting the cultural, artistic, and literary dimensions of science with the broader society. The winner receives a cash award and a certificate.

Other prizes are awarded to writers who have written about issues that affect the daily lives of people. For example, the New York Times columnist David Brooks has been giving out these awards since 2004. He once gave the award to Amanda Hess for her article about online sexism and another to Brooks and William Zinser for their piece on student hypersensitivity that keeps them from adapting to real-life situations.

There is also the Sydney Peace Prize, which is given out by the City of Sydney to recognise leading global voices who promote peace with justice and nonviolence. Past winners of this prize include Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Mary Robinson, Joseph Stiglitz, and Naomi Klein.

The University of Sydney has a number of other scholarships and prizes available to its students. The Sidney Film Production Company Pty Ltd Industry Prize has been established to assist Master of Moving Image students with the cost of their final project and to provide them with industry experience.

The Lucy Firth Honours Thesis Prize is an annual prize that is awarded to a student who has completed an honours thesis at the University of Sydney. The prize is funded by the Lucy Firth Bequest and is based on the quality of the thesis and circumstances impacting the student during their studies at the University of Sydney. The judges for this prize are Patrick Lenton, Alice Bishop and Sara Saleh. The winner of this prize receives AU$5,000 and their story will be published in Overland magazine and online. Two runners-up will receive AU$750 each. This prize is supported by the Malcolm Robertson Foundation and the Overland Neilma Sidney Prize. The winner will be announced at Overland’s national conference. The submission deadline is 30 September. For more information, click here.