Day: March 23, 2023

Data Sgp

data sgp

Data sgp is an exemplar of a common format for representing longitudinal (time dependent) student assessment data. Specifically, it models the data set used with the lower level studentGrowthPercentiles and studentGrowthProjections functions.

sgpData is an anonymized, panel data set comprising 5 years of annual, vertically scaled, assessment data in WIDE format. It includes a column for the unique student identifier and columns for grade level/time and scale scores associated with the students assessment occurrences at different times.

The sgpData data set is provided as an exemplar for use with the SGP package when installed. It can be obtained by requesting it from the package installation page on the SGP website.

SgpData provides a 5 year longitudinal panel of students’ studentGrowthPercentiles and StudentGrowthProjections data at the lower level. Unlike the higher level data sets, it is not designed to include a complete student record for each time interval; instead, it uses a nested array of case/rows and columns that represent unique students.

In sgpData, the first column, ID, provides a unique student identifier and the next 6 columns, GRADE_2013, GRADE_2014, GRADE_2015, GRADE_2016, and GRADE_2017, provide the grade levels and scale scores associated with the students assessment occourances at different times.

A wide array of other columns, each of which represents a student in one row of the data set, provide a variety of student growth variables. These include, but are not limited to, studentGrowthPercentiles, studentGrowthProjections, and growth percentages based on these variables.

Using sgpData with the SGP package is relatively straight forward in general, however, there are a few specific requirements that must be met for data to be processed successfully and accurately by the SGP package. The vignette for the SGP data analysis module can help with these requirements, and the documentation on the SGPdata package is comprehensive.

If your project requires the use of a WIDE data format, you will need to create a data set to represent the data. Alternatively, you may also choose to use the sgpData_LONG data set, which represents a wider array of student growth variables and time dependent data for a student.

To set up your data, you must use the SGPdata package. It is installed when one installs the SGP package and includes exemplar WIDE and LONG data sets, which can be downloaded from the package installation page on the SGP site.

SgpData consists of five years of data, and is an exemplary data set for use with the SGP package. It contains a column for the unique student identifier, and the next 5 columns, GRADE_2013, GRADE_2014, GRADE_2015, and GRADE_2016, provide the grade levels and scale scores associated in each of the five years.

The sgpData package is an anonymous, panel data set that represents a wide range of student assessment variables. The data set is available as an exemplar to help with the setup of your data.

sgpData is provided as an exemplar of a common format for representation of longitudinal (time dependent) student assessment data. It includes a column for the unique students identifier and columns for grade level/time, and scale scores associated with the students assessment ocurrances at different times.

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