The SGP Prize and the SGP Talent Prize

The sgp prize is an annual award given to a trainee who writes the best scientific article. It was named after Singapore’s first Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew, who helped turn the island nation into a green garden city. In 2008, the prize was renamed to honor the late prime minister’s contributions to medical research and education. It has since become one of the leading prizes for medical trainees worldwide.

To enter the sgp prize, a trainee must write an original article that is published in a scientific journal. The article must contain new information about medical science and be submitted for review. The winning trainee receives a cash prize and the opportunity to present his or her work at the Symposium on Medical Writing. In addition, the winner is encouraged to attend a medical conference in Singapore and contribute to the development of local medicine.

The sgp/ssp talent prize is an annual award for a trainee who writes the best scientific article. The competition is open to medical students, residents and trainees in the early stages of their careers. The prize is worth SG$1,000 for the winner and SG$3,000 for the second place. The winner of the sgp/ssp talent prizes will also be invited to participate in the Symposium on Medical Writing held annually at the Academy of Medicine’s headquarters in Singapore.

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