Using the SGP Data Set

The SGP package includes a data set called sgpData, which is an anonymized panel data set. This data can be used for conducting analyses. It has functions to generate student growth projections and plots.

sgpData consists of five years of annual assessment data, which is stored in WIDE format. The first column of sgpData must provide a unique identifier for each student. Next, the next set of columns must provide numeric scores associated with assessment occurrences. In addition, the next column must contain grade level and time information related to the occurrence of assessments. All other columns are demographic variables. These demographic variables are used to generate student aggregates in the summarizeSGP function.

The sgpData table contains scale scores for each year. In addition, it has NA values for missing data. For example, if a student is absent on a given day, the sgpData table will show that there is a missing value (NA). There is also a missing value (NA) for students who have missed a grade level or time of occurrence.

The sgpData data set is available to the public. Those who would like to access this data may do so by going to the site. Once they have accessed the data, they can begin using it. They can either conduct their own analysis or use the SGP Package to perform their own. If they wish to analyze the data themselves, they can do so by implementing the lower-level SGP functions. But if they wish to wrap their source code in a function call that will simplify the process, they can use the abcSGP package.

The abcSGP package has functions that wrap the six steps in a single function call. In addition, the package provides comprehensive documentation on sgpData. Some of these functions are used for creating individual level student growth plots. Others are used to generate aggregates of students from different schools. And there are even functions that are able to updateSGP. Generally, the SGP package functions are best used in LONG format. Using sgpData in LONG format allows for the spread of time dependent data across multiple rows.

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